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Social Responsibility and ISO Standard

Duc Giang Corporation’s Code of Conduct

Duc Giang Corporation builds and applies a system of social responsibility standards to ensure the rights of employees in accordance with the laws of Vietnam’s government and local regulations following the main contents below:

Labor child

Duc Giang Corporation does not encourage to use child labor under 16 years old.

Workers from 16 to under 18 years old, the human resource department is responsible to following and report to higher managers, the office arrange working time, and resolve the relief regime in accordance procedure

Forces labor

Duc Giang Corporation prohibits all forms of forced workers to work involuntarily

Healthy and Safely

Duc Giang Corporation ensures employees work in a safe environment, no harm to health, equipped labor protection, emergency medicine bag at the workplace. Every year employees receive periodic health checkups.

Freedom of union

Workers are free to meet and unions without discrimination. Duc Giang corporation does not intervene and does not hinder the union's activities, Duc Giang corporation also facilitates union meetings when needed.


Duc Giang corporation prohibits all forms of discrimination in recruitment, labor contracts, gender, religion, all employees are treated fairly.


Duc Giang corporation does not encourage and not allow the use of corporal punishment, humiliation, oppression, intimidation, or beating

Work time

Working time of employees must not exceed 48h per week.

Overtime must not exceed 12 hours per week.

Wages and benefits

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Duc Giang Corporation specializes in the following areas:

-       Manufacturing, trading, importing and exporting textile products, raw materials, machinery, equipment, spare parts and components for textile industry;

-       Trading, importing and exporting handicraft products, agricultural products, forestry products, seafood products, food technology;

-       Trading in civil products, office equipment, vehicles, electrical materials, electronics, refrigeration, rubber;

-       Import of wooden iron and steel, machinery, equipment, supplies and raw materials for production and business, trading of non-ferrous metals (zinc, aluminum, copper, lead) as raw materials for production;

-       Transport business by road and waterway;

-       Import-export service;

-       Real estate business, construction and rental business office, commercial centers, supermarkets and housing;

-       Business hotels, restaurants, tourist accommodation; domestic and international travel business.

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+ In May of 1989, The union of Garment Import, Export and Production (Ministry of Light Industry) decided to establish a Garment Service and Production Company, in a small scale company inside the Union which consist of approximately 300 workers on the Garment warehouse location in Duc Giang, Ha Noi.

+ On December 12th 1992, the Minister of Light Industry signed Decision No. 1274/CNN-TCLĐ to change the name of the company to Duc Giang Garment Company, a member of The union of Garment Import, Export and Production

+ Duc Giang was constantly growing in the following years, the company invested in building two new modern workshops on their premises and quickly increasing the production capacity (From a small scale company, Duc Giang now has 6 workshop, 1 embroidery workshop, 1 washing workshop and 1 packaging workshop in that location). Duc Giang have also invested and established three other Joint Venture companies in other province: Viet Thanh Garment General Import Export Company in Bac Ninh, Hung Nhan Company Limited in Thai Binh and Viet Thanh Garment General Import Export Company in Thanh Hoa.

+ On September 13th 2005, the Minister of Industry signed Decision No. 2882 / QD-TCCB, transforming Duc Giang Garment Company into Duc Giang Garment Joint Stock Company.

+ From January 1st 2006, Duc Giang officially operated under the joint stock company regulation, in which the state capital accounted for 45% of the charter capital.

After three decades of development, we’ve been awarded many achievement and Heroes title together with a lot of medals from the country

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Message from the Chairman



   Since established in 1990, Duc Giang Corporation (DUGARCO) has been growing to become one of the leading companies in the Vietnamese Textile-Garment Industry. We are a trustworthy manufactory, provide garments to many famous international and domestic brands.

   With the operating model of Parent-Subsidiary interaction, we now have 10 affiliates located in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Ha Nam, Thai Binh, Thanh Hoa, Hoa Binh with more than 10,000 workers, technicians, professional management officials working in 25 factories, 158 modern production lines. Duc Giang Corporation has been an enormous enterprise in the Textile-Garment Industry of Vietnam. Over the years, we have continuously invested in building qualified and experienced teams, a scientific management system, and a friendly and harmonic working environment. We can satisfy the requirements of every customer from many countries and regions in the world such as the United States, EU, Japan, Korea, China, Canada…

   We always consider customer satisfaction to be the top priority. Thence, we have been building value-added chains of fashion design, materials supply chain, product sales, and the synchronization solutions of commercial promotion, technology - quality management to create high quality, competitiveness, and unique fashion products.

   With our motto of “Rising above ourselves, enlisting new era’s strength, integrating into the general trend of human evolution,” Duc Giang Corporation wishes to be placed long-term cooperation with all customers based on respect, equality, mutual trust, and friendship. 



Warm regards,          


Chairman, Board of Directors

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